seems that there is always no clothes

very troublesome problem. It seems that there is always no clothes to wear in the wardrobe. But in fact, a cabinet full of clothes is just aesthetic fatigue, and I don’t know what to wear. So, this time is actually a reminder that it’s time to add some new “members” to your wardrobe. But for many girls, it’s not only a worry about what to wear, but also about what to buy. Let’s take a look at how female stars and fashion bloggers wear them together. This kind of suit has advantages if it is neutral. The upper part of the body is a jacket style, which is mainly white, and the cuff is made of a little arrow sleeve style, which is a bit more soulful. The collar, pocket and sleeve of the dress are decorated with black lines everywhere, and the lower part of the white pants are also the same. This kind of black line decoration, in fact, is a bit like the lines of anime hand-painted figures, so it seems to have a sense of cartoons and personality.


There is also this kind of black and white dress, but this one will be a little light and familiar. The upper part of the body is a white loose shirt with a V-neck.

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