gentle floral elements will be spread

The lovely and gentle floral elements will be spread all over the dress, so as to enrich the fashion sense of the whole shape and enhance the femininity. The pink floral skirt has high requirements for temperament and is easy to show old. By comparison, I suggest you start with the nude floral skirt. When combined with the tulle texture, you can avoid earthly temperament and inject a hazy romantic aesthetic feeling. If you are really afraid that you can’t control it, you can also choose the printed dress with white as the bottom. On the basis of it, you can decorate it with any color. The white can be used in any way, and it looks good no matter how you wear it. However, it is better not to use more than 3 colors in the printing, otherwise it will appear gaudy and will wear the opposite effect. When wearing a dress, pay attention to the height of the waist line, which will play a decisive role in the division of body proportions.

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