difficult to match single-color clothing

Easily Resolve Matching Troubles It is not difficult to match single-color clothing, as long as you find a harmonious color that can be matched with them, but clothes with patterns are often difficult to dress. But as long as you master the following points, it will be very easy. Achromatic, black, white and gray are the eternal colors, no matter how complex the color combination, they can be integrated into it. When choosing a matching item, choose any one of the colors in the existing color combination as the matching color of the clothing, giving a whole and harmonious impression. For the same item of color, you can choose the combination of different colors in the item to match it, which is not only harmonious and beautiful, but also can change your mood. Matching Skill 5: Use the decoration of small accessories to break the dull situation. If you are an office worker like me, when the clothing in the wardrobe are not rich in color, just a little embellishment can make these colors not rich. Color matching is one of the easiest colors to match. White bottoms and light yellow striped tops are the best combination of pastel colors; if the top is a lavender suit and the bottom is ivory trousers, you need to match it with a white shirt. Makes strong chromatic contrasts appear softer due to the increased white component.

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